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Assessment Overview

So many automated programs are searching for victims that computers can expect to survive only five minutes before being attacked, and will withstand the attacks only if they are configured securely.
— SANS Top 20 Internet Security Risks of 2007

The Process

Our experienced intrusion analysts rigorously test customer networks “in the blind,” and then attempt to gain privileged access by exploiting discovered vulnerabilities. Our “full-access penetration tests” demonstrate the need for improved security measures, and insure quick remediation by validating if vulnerabilities are real, or merely apparent.

The Deliverable

Hacumen Audit Delivery System
Audit Delivery System

Our documentation provides immediate summary material for management staff, including in-depth technical details, and a customized Solutions Guide to help your IT staff quickly and effectively mitigate risks.

As your network is hardened against attacks, rigorous policy enforcement helps establish a strong security posture. Psicurity provides a complimentary re-scan to measure the results of your remediation and policy enforcement efforts.