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Web Application Vulnerability Assessment (wAVA)

75% of all Internet attacks are targeted at web applications.
—Gartner Research

Insecure web applications now comprise the majority of all electronic intrusions, and are thus widely acknowledged as the preferred target of network attackers. And yet new web technologies are continually deployed on the Internet in blatant disregard of secure programming best practices.

Web application vulnerabilities are easily overlooked by programmers who must view the same code each day, and often their job does not specifically require attention to such details. The proliferation of vulnerable code continues to receive mainstream attention, and yet little is done to address the root of the problem.

The Psicurity wAVA provides in-depth code review, also known as White box testing, which is necessary to strengthen the core of web applications.

External Web Application Penetration Testing, also known as Black box testing, helps discover many frontline vulnerabilities before an attacker does. However, Black Box testing is often not adequate to discover all potential vulnerabilities. Web vulnerabilities often lay waiting like hidden pearls just inside the first layer of authentication, or obscured in the business application logic.

For customers who require the utmost in web application security, Psicurity provides Gray Box testing, which is a combination of external application testing (Black Box) and internal code review (White Box).

According to OWASP: "There are at least 300 issues that affect the overall security of a web application." Our analysts continue to monitor the changing landscape of web attack methods, insuring the highest level of review available.

Extensive web application testing and code review is imperative when the wealth of your company is at stake. Psicurity's wAVA helps expose vulnerabilities in your applications for quick remediation, and communicates, to both programmers and management, the details necessary to mitigate this increasingly severe threat.