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wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment (wNVA)

...60 percent of respondents do not believe they have adequate security for their wireless environment.
— Gartner Research

Vulnerabilities due to poorly configured or flawed wireless LAN technologies are not new. But the business-acceptance of wireless technologies still outstrips the level of attention paid to enforcing wireless security.

wNVA Ranger

Capturing traffic more than a mile away.

Wireless attackers are often able to breach Wi-Fi networks located miles away from the comfort of their own car (also known as “war-driving”). When direct wireless attacks are unsuccessful, attackers may use decoy wireless access points to trick legitimate wireless users into revealing their login credentials. New encryption standards are rendered useless if weak passwords are used. And in some cases employees take it upon themselves to deploy insecurely configured wireless routers without approval from IT management.

Despite the increased public awareness of wireless security risks, there has never been a greater need to enforce strong wireless security standards.

Psicurity’s Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment uses the techniques of wireless attackers to determine the potential vulnerabilities of your wireless network. Actively penetrating your wireless network helps create a strong business case for improving wireless security infrastructure and policy enforcement.