We are a fast-growing cybersecurity company, delivering penetration testing, validation, and remediation advice to our valued clients. We respect each client as a partner with whom we share trade secrets, develop security strategies, and implement new techniques that defend critical infrastructures against ever-expanding threats and vulnerabilities.

Founded in 2003, Psicurity has helped organizations across industries identify security gaps and adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. As a true partner, we strive to give our clients the “Time of Day.” Our eagerness to learn and create new ways to better serve our clients is what propels us forward.

Our team delivers comprehensive penetration testing and advisory expertise while helping improve security management effectiveness based on industry-standard best practices.

Who We Serve

Psicurity serves all types of companies across all industries—anyone with data to protect and compliance to fulfill. The following is a sampling of common industries that we serve:

Software Companies, including SaaS-based
Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Services, & Fintech
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies
Communications & Networking Technologies
Entertainment Networks and Services
Construction Firms
Law Firms
eCommerce Sites & Portals
Internet Service Providers
Private Investigators
Semiconductor Designers & Fabricators
Trade Unions
Education and Non-profits

Leadership Team

Neil Anderson

CEO, Co-Founder

Neil co-founded Psicurity in 2003, providing Security Assessment and Penetration Testing services for organizations in Silicon Valley, Kansas City, and the Caribbean.  A pioneer in Penetration Testing services since 1999, Neil has over 24 years in IT Security and business leadership, and is the author of two fully-issued patents. He has previously worked for Sprint, USDA, Kendara, Excite@Home, and Homestore.

Neil broadly volunteers in community building efforts, ranging from local entrepreneurship, to international orphanages. Neil is an artist of musical and written forms. He divides his time between Kansas City, and warmer places.

Gerrit Padgham

COO, Co-Founder

Gerrit is a recent co-founder of Psicurity, having previously founded Electric Alchemy (2003), a full-service penetration testing service, which “merged” with Psicurity in 2022. Gerrit’s specialties include security architecture, penetration testing, application security, and configuration as code.  He has spent most of his career in consulting, but also previously worked for Raytheon Polar Services (the US Antarctic Program) and Western Union. He is a certified CISSP.

Gerrit enjoys spending his free time mountain biking and serves as a field active member and Mission coordinator for the Alpine Rescue Team, based in Evergreen, Colorado. He is also a Coordinator for the Colorado Search and Rescue Association and a Rescue Technician for the Colorado Hoist Rescue Team.

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