Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment (iNVA)

Psicurity’s internal Network Vulnerability Assessment (iNVA) provides customers a picture of their network security from an external attackers perspective, and satisfies requirements for Network Penetration Testing.


Internal networks often lack the high-security standards applied to their external “Internet-facing” perimeter. This results in an internal network that is vulnerable to malware attacks, malicious employees, phishing attacks, etc.

It is often assumed that the greatest threats occur from outside an organization. However, many threats occur from within. The lack of internal security management typically results in scores of vulnerabilities that require a coordinated remediation effort by both management and technical staff.

Psicurity’s iNVA provides the first step toward mitigating internal risks by discovering, identifying, and prioritizing the most critical internal risks. Psicurity works specifically with each client to define the rules of engagement, with options to emulate different threats during the simulated attack.

Psicurity’s detailed documentation simplifies the daunting process of internal security by summarizing the steps of remediation. Psicurity’s “exception reporting” methodology provides accurate and highly readable documentation, clearly identifying risks without excessive technical detail.

Internal Network

“A majority of electronic break-ins occur from within an organization.”


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